Plantain Chops. Plantain Perfection!

Main dish or side dish? Yes! With Sympli’s perfectly ripe Plantain Chops, it’s enjoyment all the way!

Ripe Plantain Chops

HOW TO COOK (Ripe Plantain Chops)

For best results cook from frozen. Deep fry at 180 °C (356 °F) for 3 mins, or oil brush and Bake at 225 °C (437 °F) for 7 to 8 minutes, Or Oil brush and Air fry at 200 °C (392 °F) for 8 minutes. After frying, place in paper towel-lined bowl to remove excess oil, then serve.

Take care not to leave oil pan on fire unsupervised, do not overfill pan, remove excess ice from product before cooking, and do not eat uncooked product.

There are numerous ways to enjoy plantain, and Sympli Plantain Chops ensures you can in every way without struggle! Every plantain lover knows THE struggle—going to the pantry only to find your plantains too hard, too black, or overripe. You’ll never have to worry again because Sympli Plantain Chops is just right!

We work hard to grow plantains that are the perfect blend of sweet and savoury for you. Our farmers cultivate them carefully, harvesting at just the right ripeness. Then, we do the rest of the work; they’re peeled, sliced, cooked, and quick frozen. For you, they’re ready to fry. Open confidently and serve proudly—you deserve the enjoyment!