Serve Food Sympli!

We supply the packs. You serve up food that’s delicious like home.

Our much-loved yam, plantain, and sweet potato products make food service a breeze for many leading quick-service restaurants across Nigeria.

Give your customers the delight of eating hot, fresh, exciting food. Sympli is consistently sweet and delicious, so you’ll always be proud of serving your customers food that is ‘Delicious Like Home’.

What’s For Food Service?

We offer bulk sales of our Straight Cut Yam Fries, Thick Cut Yam Chis, Plantain Chops, and Sweet Potato Cubes. They are portioned into quantities, so you can get straight to serving your customers!

Why Choose Sympli?

Delicious. Consistent. Convenient.

That’s what your customers want, and that’s what you get from Sympli! Authentic and locally produced at international standards, each pack of Sympli is quick-frozen, preserving nutrition, flavour, and texture.

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