Home is Caring.
Home is Doing Good.

At Sympli, we believe in building our community, so we love doing good beyond food. We do this by building an empowering ecosystem, meeting social needs, and conducting business in environmentally and socially sustainable ways.

At home

Building our community starts with our own family. We ensure everyone enjoys a safe, clean, and happy working environment. Everyone understands our vision to popularise African cuisine worldwide and the economic and social benefits this can bring for Nigeria. That’s why they are passionate about what they do, and we know you’ll taste the love that goes into each bite.

Out in the field

We support our agricultural ecosystem with planning, capacity-building, and pre-agreed specifications that guarantee off-take. It makes their work easier and more productive, and it makes your food more delicious! When they succeed, so do we. That’s why we create opportunities for their business growth by agreeing on purchase quantities, as many of them also grow other crops for the market.

For the Greater Good

Our commitment is to Nigeria, which means we do business in a way that’s also good for the country environmentally and socially! We partner with our parent company, Primlaks, to support food banks, NGOs, and institutions across the welfare and healthcare sectors.

During the Covid lockdown we started donating Sympli products (over 60,000 packets) and continue to donate regularly till today to the following NGOs:

  • Lagos Food Bank
  • Dreams from the Slum
  • GoldCrest Family Centre Lagos
  • The Dream Catchers Academy
  • Kinabuti via Orile Iganmu Progressive Association
  • Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Elderly, Enugu

It is said that charity begins at home and so we also support our Primlaks family with packs of food at different times during the year.

Our partners in doing good